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From Belly Fat to Belly FLAT: How Your Hormones Are Adding Inches to Your Waistline and Subtracting Years from Your Life

C. W. Randolph, M.D.
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Stir in ginger, coriander, turmeric, cardamom, cayenne, and Brussels sprouts. Pour in the apple and lemon juices, add salt and pepper, then cover and simmer until tender, about 5 minutes. Makes 6 servings. NUTRITION FACTS Amount Per Serving: Calories 90 - Calories from Fat 45 - Total Fat 5 g - Saturated Fat 0.5 g - Cholesterol 0 mg - Sodium 20 mg - Total Carbohydrate 10 g Dietary Fiber 3 g - Sugars 4 g - Protein 3 g - Calcium 4% DV Kale and Sauerkraut 1 bunch kale 1 can sauerkraut, drained Steam kale leaves until tender but still green. Stir in one can of sauerkraut before serving.

Grocery Warning: How to recognize and avoid the groceries that cause cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and other common diseases

Mike Adams
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Just pour a thin layer over the bottom of the pan and sprinkle with turmeric, which will dissolve in the oil and give your bacon a nice bright yellow color. Better still, the Havonoid, curcumin, in the turmeric is a powerful cancer-inhibiting substance, and will protect the meat from forming dangerous heterocyclic amines (cancer-causing chemicals formed when meat is seared) in your body. In addition, curcumin is an antibacterial substance and a powerful antioxidant.

Food Plants of the World: An illustrated guide

Ben-Erik van Wyk
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It is an essential ingredient of curry powders and mustard powders. turmeric is much used in Indian and Asian cooking -in vegetable, meat, fish and rice dishes for flavour and colour. An example is Malaysian yellow rice {nasi kunyit), eaten on ceremonial or festive occasions. turmeric is a popular natural food dye for dairy products, drinks, confectionery and various ready-made spicy sauces, including mustards and Worcester sauce. Nutritional value Unimportant, since very small quantities are used.

Superfoods Rx Diet: Lose Weight with the Power of SuperNutrients

Wendy Bazilian, DRPH, MA, RD, Steven Pratt, MD, Kathy Matthews
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Dash®—Any of the 9 Seasoning Blends or 4 Grilling Blends ž Various others: cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, oregano, thyme, turmeric, garlic, cumin, parsley, sage, rosemary, mint, mustard, cayenne (ground red pepper), dill, orange peel, etc.

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Diabetes: An Innovative Program to Prevent, Treat, and Beat This Controllable Disease

Steven V. Joyal
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Curcumin, a component of the turmeric root, is the key mediator of these beneficial properties. Curcumin has been shown in a great number of studies to possess remarkable qualities, including an ability to inhibit the development of diabetic retinopathy and diabetic nephropathy in experimental models, as well as to protect the nervous and cardiovascular systems and support a healthy colon. The results of studies involving curcumin and diabetes have been very encouraging.

Interview with Chris Kilham, the Medicine Hunter, author of Hot Plants

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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A lot of them contain concentrated extracts of turmeric root, which is a potent anti-inflammatory, or ginger root. People might think turmeric and ginger are just common herbs, but they're also powerful medicines. There's a lot of very excellent work that's been done on a hops-derived extract, which is rich in a group of compounds called humulones. And these show every bit as effective anti-inflammatory activity as 400 mg of Ibuprofen, for 9 hours.

Bottom Line's Health Breakthroughs 2007

Bottom Line Health
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These include basil, cardamom, cilantro, cinnamon, clove, ginger, parsley and turmeric. Use them every day. Avoid chiles, cayenne pepper and jalapenos, which can trigger inflammation. THREE STAGES The diet progresses in phases... Stage 1: Eat as much as you want of arugula, bell peppers, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, leeks, onions, romaine lettuce, scallions, shiitake mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes—as well as blueberries, cherries, grapefruit and pomegranates. Eating three 4-ounce servings of high-protein foods every day helps suppress appetite and maintain muscle mass.

Nutritional products from New Chapter and other health innovators

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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Both rosemary and turmeric are well known for their tonic effects. Turmeric also has the advantage of being a potent anti-cancer herb. This herb has also been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years as something that aids in joint flexibility. By using this herb, people are able to reduce joint inflammation and resume a wider range of motion in their joints.

101 Foods That Could Save Your Life!

David W. Grotto, RD, LDN
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Rats given large doses of turmeric each day over a five-day period had significant inhibition of breast tumors. PROSTATE: In vivo and in vitro studies have shown that curcumin reduces the expression of prostate cancer genes, tumor volume and quantity of nodules in treated groups. COLON CANCER: In a small study, patients who had precancerous polyps were treated with curcumin for six months. The average number of polyps dropped sixty percent, and the average size dropped by fifty percent.

Interview: Dr. Christine Horner discusses choices women can make to prevent breast cancer

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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When some of these chemicals get into your body, turmeric makes them behave less like estrogen. It blocks them from attaching to the estrogen receptor in the breast tissue. Even if the environmental estrogens actually get through and attaches to the estrogen receptor -- which means it causes cell division to speed up and so forth -- turmeric turns the volume down, so the cells don't grow and divide as rapidly as they normally would.

How I got blindsided by yeast extract in Amy's Kitchen organic foods (opinion)

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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It's right on the label, right after "spices" and right before "turmeric." And as I write this, I have a screaming headache that was caused by it, and which will last probably for another six hours. I made the mistake, you see, of trusting Amy's Kitchen products to contain no yeast extract. So I did something stupid: I ate a food product without reading the label. And I got nailed by an ingredient that I thought Amy's Kitchen never used. This is precisely what I advise my readers NOT to do, and I feel foolish for making such a simple food choice mistake (not reading the label).

Camalina herbal healing hot compress boosts circulation, accelerates healing

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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They include 30% zingiber cassumunar (a type of ginger), 20% turmeric, 20% citrus hystrix, 10% citronella grass, 5% tamarind leaf, 5% ginger, 5% Borneo camphor, and 5% menthol. The treatment claims, "the unique Camalina system of warming up the compress but not heating the fragile herbs themselves ensures that they are never subjected to direct heat." These are the stated benefits of the Catalina herbal heat bag, according to The Herbalist: May assist in the relief of muscle pain, aches and tension. May assist with symptoms of abdominal pain such as feeling bloated.

Merck Engaged in Blatant Scientific Fraud with Vytorin Cholesterol Study? (opinion)

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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They've found healthier, natural alternatives that are safer, cheaper and far more effective, like turmeric root for cancer prevention, blueberries for cholesterol control and cinnamon for blood sugar control. They're adopted healthier lifestyles, turning to raw foods, juicing, superfoods and microalgae like spirulina and chlorella. They've realized that the drug companies are full of bunk, and that no pharmaceutical has ever cured any disease.

Interview with Dr. Hank Liers Part 5: Superior nutrition for pet health

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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If you have inflammation, you have pain. The turmeric and quercetin chalcone will knock it down so fast that suddenly -- and I know this because sometimes when I overdo it in yoga or during exercise, and I have pain and I take this stuff -- the pain goes away. If I forget to take it, pow! Within half a day, it is back again. The Bioperine is in there because there has been research that says Bioperine -- which is a black pepper extract -- will enhance absorption by maybe 25 to 50 percent. I want to get those nutrients in. You can actually taste it. It tastes a little spicy.
I mean, that has turmeric, grape seed extract; what is the thinking behind this product? Dr. Liers: Joint Health Formula for Pets is the same as Joint Health Formula for people, except for desiccated liver as flavoring for the pets. It is a multi-dimensional product, just like Diabetes Defense. That is, I designed it so that you are not just going after joint health in one direction only. Obviously, the glucosamine hydrochloride is in there because glucosamine helps to rebuild those connective tissues. It has actually been shown in clinical studies to reduce inflammation and pain.
Quercetin chalcone, as well as turmeric, are just phenomenal for joint problems. Then we have the grape seed extract in there. So we put quercetin chalcone in Pet-C Plus because it was a more recent design than Pro-C, and that makes this formula even more potent. Back to the issue of vitamin C with an animal -- any animal that has an illness is going to need more vitamin C. These other factors in there are going to strengthen their bodies and trap free radicals and detoxify. As you may know, glutathione is responsible for 60 percent of liver detoxification.

New "Juice Feasting" Emerging as Phytonutrient-Rich Disease-Fighting Nutritional System

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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Include a very small amount of turmeric, garlic and ginger. (Easy on the garlic. Try a piece about the size of a pencil eraser.) Want some other recipes? Check out www.JuiceFeasting.com I hope to work with David Rain to bring you some videos soon. We'll be filming in my kitchen, showing you exactly how to put this together. In the mean time, stay healty and happy on Juice Feasting! Note: You can also learn more with the six-CD audio course I created with David Rain at http://www.truthpublishing.com/product_p/cd-cat21485.

Interview with Dr. Hank Liers, Part 1: Nutritional supplements and cellular energy

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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Then, you have turmeric, dandelion and ginger, which, we could do a whole article about those. Your calcium and magnesium are from the Kreb's cycle bionutrients. I think some readers know what the Kreb's cycle is, but what specifically is meant by Kreb's cycle bionutrients? Dr. Liers: In the human body, the Kreb's cycle is the aerobic energy cycle. People normally draw it as a little circle. From a biochemical point of view, you feed it into this biochemical cycle, which is called the Kreb's cycle. Hans Krebs won a Nobel Prize for its discovery.

Nutritional products from New Chapter and other health innovators

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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There's rosemary, turmeric, ginger, holy basil, green tea, a Chinese medicinal herb called Hu Zhang, Chinese gold thread, barberry, oregano, and Baikal skull cap. All of these are encapsulated with extra virgin olive oil and yellow beeswax. So even the capsule itself is healthier than what you would normally find in other products. The top three ingredients are rosemary, turmeric and ginger. What's the big deal about these three ingredients? You'll notice that these are not isolated chemicals, nor are these vitamins or minerals.

Handbook of Medicinal Plants

Amarjit S. Basra
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Medicinally, turmeric is considered to be a strong antiseptic and is used to heal wounds, infections, jaundice, urinary diseases, ulcers, and also to reduce cholesterol levels. turmeric in the form of a paste has been used to treat external conditions such as psoriasis (anti-inflammatory) and athlete's foot (antifungal). A major medicinal compound from C. longa is the phenolic constituent curcumin. This compound has been shown to be effective against some forms of cancer and has been intensively examined as a possible antiinflammatory drug.

1000 Cures for 200 Ailments: Integrated Alternative and Conventional Treatments for the Most Common Illnesses

Marshall Editions
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Eliminate dairy and gluten from the diet and add antiinflammatory herbs such as ginger, turmeric, and curcumin to your meals. Taking 4 g of fish oil daily is also beneficial. Decongestants: Medications such as phenylephrine are effective but can have side effects, such as hypertension and elevated heart rate. Other decongestants, such as Afrin®, have fewer side effects but, if used for longer than three days, tend to cause rebound congestion. When this occurs your body adapts to the drug so that congestion persistently recurs unless the drug is used.
Using anti-inflammatory herbs such as ginger, curcumin, and turmeric can also be beneficial. Begin a weight loss program if necessary as this can help to ease symptoms. Supplements: Take 4-7 g of fish oil (EPA and DHA in combination) a day. Although recent studies suggest that glucosamine and chondroiten are not as worthwhile as once thought, some case reports indicate otherwise. Some may find that they are beneficial while others do not. Capsaicin cream can be helpful when applied topically, but sometimes causes irritation.
CO Anti-inflammatory herbs: Two herbs that are used as gentle, long-term, natural antiinflammatories are turmeric and Indian frankincense. The powdered rhizome in tumeric inhibits the formation of pro-inflammatory compounds and acts as a strong antioxidant to heal the tissues. Boswellia derives its anti-inflammatory properties from resins, which have been shown clinically to inhibit molecules within the body that promote inflammation and to improve joint circulation. Take 2 ml of a tincture three to four times daily.
Examples of cholagogues are dandelion root, turmeric, licorice, globe artichoke, and tetterwort or celandine. These plants work best when taken 20-30 minutes before meals, and if you are not constipated. To successfully increase bile flow, treatment must be followed by regular bowel movements so that the bile is eliminated from the body. To dissolve gallstones: Peppermint, milk thistle, and a compound from apple juice called malic acid may help to make cholesterol, a common component of gallstones, more soluble in bile and thereby dissolve stones.

You Don't Have to be Afraid of Cancer Anymore

Bill Sardi
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An array of herbal molecules, found in cruciferous vegetables (indole 3-carbinol), turmeric (curcumin), ginseng, pollen, and pygeum, have been shown to have anti-prostate cancer properties. It is likely a combination dietary supplement will be developed to optimally reduce the risk for prostate cancer. European researchers recently provided a dietary supplement containing soy isoflavones, lycopene, milk thistle and other antioxidants to males who had undergone surgery or radiation therapy and found it slowed the progression of the disease.

Bottom Line's Health Breakthroughs 2007

Bottom Line Health
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For the first 24 hours, consume filtered water, broths and soups with lots of garlic, onions and spices, such as turmeric and cayenne, which relieve congestion, promote circulation and have a natural anti-inflammatory effect. Herbal teas (especially ginger, cinnamon and peppermint) and steamed vegetables are also good choices. When you're feeling better, move toward a more normal diet. I have found several supplements to be effective for treating colds and flu. Consider taking these when people around you are sick or when you first feel symptoms.

The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth: The Surprising, Unbiased Truth About What You Should Eat and Why

Jonny Bowden, Ph.D., C.N.S.
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While no one is claiming that turmeric cures cancer, there is plenty of reason to believe that it is a really useful adjunct to the diet of everyone concerned with staying healthy. Curcumin also has a positive effect on cholesterol, both in rats and in humans, making it a great adjunct to a heart-healthy diet. And it has powerful antioxidant properties as well. In one rat study, for example, curcumin provided significant protection from cataract development induced by a powerful oxidizing chemical.

The Inflammation Syndrome: The Complete Nutritional Program to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, Arthritis, Diabetes, Allergies, and Asthma

Jack Challem
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Curcumin and turmeric Root Curcumin, a bright yellow spice, is obtained from the root of turmeric (Curcuma longa), a member of the ginger family. Native to Asia, curcumin is one of the oldest and most cherished anti-inflammatory herbs in Indian Ayurvedic medicine. Turmeric root and curcumin are mild Cox-2 inhibitors but are not as powerful and not as dangerous as popular Cox-2-inhibiting drugs. According to recent experiments, they block the activity of "NF kappa B," a protein that turns on inflammation-promoting genes.

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