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You can season with sea salt or any spice you like (call me crazy, but I put turmeric, see page 292, on everything). Then feed them to your kids the next time they're jonesing for fast food! They are way healthier, and they taste amazing. Tho irn Moslrhioct Vt\t\Ac nn Parth For reasons that I can't figure out, a lot of people think squash should be avoided if they're trying to control their blood sugar, since they are sure the vegetable has a high glycemic index or glycemic load.
Season 'em with turmeric, garlic, or cayenne pepper, and bake them till they're crisp. You can also add pumpkin seeds to trail mix, sauteed vegetables, and salads, not to mention my favorite—oatmeal. Sesame Seeds/ Sesame Butter/Tahini The sesame seed is truly ancient. In fact, sesame is the oldest known plant grown for its seeds and oil and is especially valued in Eastern, Mediterranean, and African cultures. The sesame seed pod bursts open when it reaches maturity, the origin of the famous phrase "Open sesame!" from The Arabian Nights.

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Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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It contains krebs cycle nutrients, high-end forms of all the major minerals, expensive forms of B vitamins (their vitamin B-12 is methylcobalamin, not the toxic cyanocobalamin found in cheap products) and powerful anti-cancer herbal ingredients like turmeric and quercetin. It has none of the usual junk found in multi-vitamins for kids (no artificial colors, no sugars, no chemical sweeteners, etc.), but it's loaded with plant extracts and even tastes great thanks to the xylitol and stevia in the formula. See the ingredients yourself at: http://www.integratedhealth.com/hpdspec/kids.

Supplement Your Prescription: What Your Doctor Doesn't Know About Nutrition

Hyla Cass, M.D.
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Add herbs and spices with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant punch such as curry powder, turmeric, rosemary, ginger, and garlic to your food as often as possible. • Sip green tea once or twice a day. Try one of the many available varieties of green tea, which has strong antioxidant properties. A glass of red wine once a day is also heart healthy and full of antioxidants, as long as it doesn't interact with your medicines. • Eat. . . chocolate? Dark chocolate has, in recent years, been found to be an excellent source of antioxidants—and may even directly lower blood pressure!

PDR for Herbal Medicines, Fourth Edition

Thomson Healthcare, Inc.
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The effects of a traditional drug, turmeric (Curcuma longa), and placebo on the healing of duodenal ulcers. In: Phytomedicine 5:29-34, 1998. Veit M. Beeinflussung der Leukotrien-Biosynthese durch Curcumin. In: Z Phytother 14:46, 1993. Verma SP, Salamone E, Goldin B. Curcumin and genistein plant natural products show synergistic inhibitory effects on the growth of human breast cancer MCF-7 cells induced by estrogenic pesticides. In: Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 233:692-6, 1997. Wagner H et al. 6th Int Conf. Prostaglandins and Related Compounds. Florence, Italy. Pub.

You Don't Have to be Afraid of Cancer Anymore

Bill Sardi
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Source: Current Medical Chemistry 11: 1451-60, 2004 Today we possess a plethora of mechanistic insights into how dietary constituents such as resveratrol (from red grapes), epigallocatechin gallate (from tea) and curcumin (from turmeric) can interfere with oncogenic events germane to differentiation, death and survival. Andreas Gescher and William P.
Among these are allicin from garlic, cur-cumin from turmeric, indole-3 carbinol from broccoli, green tea, soy phytoestrogens, flaxseed lignans, red grape/wine resveratrol, ellagic acid from pomegranate, oleuropein from olive trees and quercetin from red apples and onions. It is literally impossible to mention every potential herbal anti-cancer remedy. There are some 250,000 species of flowering plants that could serve to provide anti-cancer molecules. There are an abundance of laboratory dish studies of herbal ingredients that have been shown to inhibit the growth of cancer.

Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation: Unleash The Natural Healing Power That Lies Dormant Within You

Andreas Moritz
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Just one teaspoon of ground cinnamon per day can balance blood sugar. turmeric is an amazing herb/spice with a similar effect. Broccoli and other vegetables, as well as regular full body exposure to sunlight (vitamin D-generating),40 have superior blood sugar-regulating effects than potentially dangerous insulin injections.
Curcumin, the main ingredient in turmeric, has now been shown to be a potential cancer preventive or treatment, according to a report by Johns Hopkins University. A laboratory study published in the journal, Clinical Cancer Research (Volume 12, page 5346), looked at the effects of curcumin on cell activity and found it interferes with neurotensin, a gastrointestinal hormone suspected of setting off the cancer process in colon cells. Apparently, University of Texas researchers treated some human colorectal cancer cells with neurotensin, with and without curcumin.
Practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine have used turmeric for millennia. The active principles, known as "Curcuminoids" possess anti-inflammatory properties comparable in strength to steroidal and nonsteroidal drugs. Curcuminoids are distinguished further for their antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, antimutagen, anticancer and detoxifying properties. Curcuminoids prevent the formation of free radicals while scavenging and neutralizing those already formed.
Spices such as cumin, fenugreek and turmeric are both astringent and bitter. Green leafy vegetables, including kale and spinach, that are cooked with plenty of spices also help to pacify Kapha, but care should be taken not to add too much water during cooking. During the summer, the Kapha's body is warm enough to eat fruits, salads and some raw vegetables. These foods, however, can greatly upset his balance in the winter, when his body requires mainly cooked foods with hot spices. Cayenne pepper is especially beneficial for him, since it breaks down excessive mucus.
To make the vegetables more digestible and delicious-tasting, add spices and herbs such as turmeric, coriander, cumin, cardamom, fennel, basil, oregano and thyme. (See your food chart for those best for you.) Add about 1-2 teaspoons of fat per serving such as coconut oil, olive oil, butter, or another oil that is compatible with your body type. Adding some unrefined salt and perhaps a small piece of vegetable bouillon, coconut milk, or other natural condiment will further enhance the flavor of the vegetables.
And to avoid mucus congestion, they put 2-3 pinches of either turmeric or dry ginger into the milk before boiling it. Whereas boiling the milk helps to reduce some its irritating effect in Vata and Pitta types, pasteurizing it upsets all the three doshas. Kapha types don't do well with milk at all; they develop mucus congestion almost right away. Cold milk is very difficult to digest. As the cold milk touches the warm stomach lining, the nerve endings of the stomach become "numb" or insensitive, and its cells tighten or shrink.

PDR for Herbal Medicines, Fourth Edition

Thomson Healthcare, Inc.
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Artificial colorings such as butter yellow or turmeric may be added. Other Names: Mustard actions and pharmacology COMPOUNDS Glucosinolates: chiefly sinalbin (p-hydroxybenzylglucosino-lates, 2.5%), grinding the seeds into powder and then rubbing with warm water (not with hot water - enzymes would be destroyed), as well as chewing, releases the non-volatile mustard oil p-hydroxybenzyl isothiocyanate Fatty oil (20-35%) Proteins (40%) Phenyl propane derivatives: including among others sinapine (choline ester of sinapic acid, 1.

Prescription for Natural Cures: A Self-Care Guide for Treating Health Problems with Natural Remedies Including Diet and Nutrition, Nutritional Supplements, Bodywork, and More

James F. Balch, M.D. and Mark Stengler, N.D.
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Super Prescription #6 turmeric (Curcuma longa) Take a product standardized to contain 150 mg of curcumin with each meal. turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, improves bile flow, and relaxes the bile duct. Super Prescription #7 Globe artichoke (Cynara scolymus) Take 1 to 2 ml of the tincture or 500 mg of the capsule form with each meal. Globe artichoke improves bile flow. General Recommendations Bile salts are particularly helpful for someone who has had his or her gallbladder removed.

PDR for Herbal Medicines, Fourth Edition

Thomson Healthcare, Inc.
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Production: Japanese turmeric consists of the sliced, dried, tuberous rhizomes of Curcuma xanthorrhiza. Curcuma is cultivated and harvested in the second year of growth. After the rhizome has been washed, the main thick root is isolated, cut and dried at a temperature of 50°C. Not to be Confused With: The rhizome of Curcuma domestica. Other Names: Tewon Lawa, Temu Lawak actions and pharmacology COMPOUNDS Volatile oil (3 to 12%): chief components ar-curcumene (alpha-curcumene), xanthorrhizol, beta-curcumene, germa-crene, furanodien, furanodienone Curcuminoids (0.

Stop Prediabetes Now: The Ultimate Plan to Lose Weight and Prevent Diabetes

Jack Challem
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High levels of hsCRP can be reduced by losing weight, exercising, improving your glucose tolerance, eating more vegetables, using turmeric as a spice in your foods, taking vitamin E supplements, and reducing your consumption of sugary foods and refined carbs. In this chapter, you've learned how to assess your likelihood of becoming prediabetic and overweight. By combining the quizzes and the information from medical tests, you and your physician will have a pretty clear grasp of your health.

PDR for Herbal Medicines, Fourth Edition

Thomson Healthcare, Inc.
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The substances isolated were used to detect bioavailability and bioactivity of phytoestrogens and phytoprogesterones in turmeric. Breast cancer cell lines were used to evaluate growth rate changes induced by this herb, but the differences were not significant (Zava et al, 1998). Curcumin has antineoplastic effects through an antiproliferative mechanism. Part of this effect may be due to curcumin's effect on various kinases.

The Most Effective Natural Cures on Earth: The Surprising, Unbiased Truth about What Treatments Work and Why

Jonny Bowden, Ph.D., C.N.S.
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Other ingredients you may see on the ingredients list in a glucosamine-chondroitin formula may include sea cucumber (Cucumaria frondosa), grape seed extract, boswellia, and turmeric, all of which have varying degrees of anti-inflammatory action. Exercise for Arthritis You may feel like exercise is out of the question if you have arthritis. Not so. Moderate exercise can be your best friend—building strong muscles around the joints can go a long way toward relieving joint pain, not to mention the benefits exercise provides to overall endurance, well-being, and mood.
Turmeric, the spice that makes so much of Indian food yellow, contains natural anti-inflammatory cur-cuminoids, has anticancer activity, and is one of the best liver-friendly spices. Put it on everything. Wheatgrass juice and all the other "green drinks" that are high in chlorophyll are excellent. Coconut oil contains lauric acid, a well known antimicrobial and antiviral fatty acid.
No one is claiming that turmeric is a natural cure for cancer; but between its antitumor effects, its antioxidant power, and its ability to reduce inflammation, there are plenty of reasons to believe that it is a really useful adjunct to the diet of everyone concerned with staying healthy. Aloe Vera for Burns, Wounds, and Stomachaches PICTURE THIS: You're a hunter-gatherer, living in the Arabian Peninsula a thousand years ago, and you've never seen anything that resembles modern civilization (think of the movie The Gods Must Be Crazy).
Turmeric works as a powerful anti-inflammatory, and it does so without any toxic side effects. That's all that counts. The Silent Killer Understand this: Inflammation is not just limited to an occasional sore joint. It's serious stuff. Inflammation is now known to be a component of a baker's dozen of diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, and Alzheimer's, not to mention the more obvious ones like arthritis, allergies, and asthma. Not long ago, a major national news magazine devoted a cover story to inflammation, calling it "the silent killer.
Other Health Benefits The ability of turmeric to fight inflammation and also to serve as an antioxidant makes cur-cumin a very liver-friendly food. It's a great thing to use regularly if you have hepatitis. One study, in the journal Toxicology, demonstrated curcumin's significant liver protection in male rats largely through its antioxidant properties. Mark Stengler, N.D., recommends it for hepatitis and says that it is frequently used to lower elevated liver enzymes. And then, to top it off, there's cancer.

The Autoimmune Epidemic

Donna Jackson Nakazawa
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According to a recent study from the National Institutes of Health, turmeric, an ancient spice long used in traditional Asian medicine, may hold promise for the prevention of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis. Scientists tested the extract of curcuminfound in this common spice—to see if it could help to stave off rheumatoid arthritis in lab animals.
Meanwhile, clinical trials are currently planned to test turmeric supplements in suppressing rheumatoid arthritis in humans. Other investigations show that two grams of curcumin a day helps to control ulcerative colitis. SEA ANEMONE EXTRACT. In what sounds like something straight out of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, researchers from the University of California, Irvine recently found that natural compounds derived from a Cuban sea anemone extract—referred to as SL5—block the autoimmune disease response in type 1 diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.

Women's Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine: Alternative Therapies and Integrative Medicine for Total Health and Wellness

Tori Hudson, N.D.
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Use turmeric, ginger, milk thistle, and flaxseeds. • Omit or decrease alcohol, dairy, red meat, sugar, and caffeine. • Eat cold water fish (salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel, herring) 2 or 3 times per week. • Eat organic foods. pathway to be tipped toward prostaglandins and leukotrienes that cause inflammation, smooth muscle contraction, and vascular constriction. Alcohol use depletes stores of B vitamins in the liver and also has estrogenic effects on the body.

Prescription for Natural Cures: A Self-Care Guide for Treating Health Problems with Natural Remedies Including Diet and Nutrition, Nutritional Supplements, Bodywork, and More

James F. Balch, M.D. and Mark Stengler, N.D.
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Super Prescription #6 turmeric (Curcuma longa) Take a product standardized to contain 150 mg of curcumin with each meal. turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, improves bile flow, and relaxes the bile duct. Super Prescription #7 Globe artichoke (Cynara scolymus) Take 1 to 2 ml of the tincture or 500 mg of the capsule form with each meal. Globe artichoke improves bile flow. General Recommendations Bile salts are particularly helpful for someone who has had his or her gallbladder removed.

PDR for Herbal Medicines, Fourth Edition

Thomson Healthcare, Inc.
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One case of acute contact dermatitis was reported following a 6-month occupational exposure to turmeric (Kiec-Swierczynska & Krecisz, 1998). DRUG INTERACTIONS MODERATE RISK Anticoagulants, Antiplatelet Agents, Low Molecular Weight Heparins, and Thrombolytic Agents: Theoretically, curcumin may add to the effect of these medications and increase the risk of bleeding. Curcumin inhibited platelet aggregation in animals and in vitro (Srivastava et al, 1995; Srivastava et al, 1985), which may result in prolonged bleeding times if taken with drugs known to affect platelet function.

Interview: Dr. Christine Horner discusses choices women can make to prevent breast cancer

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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Even if the environmental estrogens actually get through and attaches to the estrogen receptor -- which means it causes cell division to speed up and so forth -- turmeric turns the volume down, so the cells don't grow and divide as rapidly as they normally would. Then, when it goes to the liver to get broken down, it beefs up the liver enzymes and makes the body more effective at eliminating these toxins and excess estrogen. We also put green tea in there, and green tea has tremendous anticancer properties. It's a very powerful anti-inflammatory with antioxidants just like turmeric.

101 Foods That Could Save Your Life!

David W. Grotto, RD, LDN
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Cinnamon, along with cumin, turmeric, and ginger are a classic combination for flavoring Middle Eastern and North African meat and poultry dishes. • Mix cinnamon with coffee and drink as a hot beverage. • Top whole grain toast with a little bit of butter, cinnamon, and sugar on top. Yum! Banana-Cinnamon French Toast by Sharon Grotto Servings: 4 • Prep and cooking time: 15 minutes This recipe contains four powerhouse foods.

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